Forbes feature article: How To Create A Culture Of Collaboration by Erica Dhawan

AseatAtTheTableParagraphSeveral weeks back I was interviewed by Forbes Contributor Erica Dhawan. I invite you to read the article which appeared on-line 01/27/2017 entitled How To Create A Culture Of Collaboration.

Excerpt: “When I was working at Citigroup we used to say that the traders were “speaking their position,” said Leah Johnson, a communications strategist who spent years at top posts at Citigroup and Standard & Poors. “For example, if you’re holding a lot of a certain financial instrument that you want to sell, you’re going to talk it up. That’s what teams or groups within organizations do.”

Changing Hearts & Minds — The Value of Excessive Communication

AseatAtTheTableParagraph When working to change an organization’s culture and strategies, exactly what role should the C.E.O. play?

Years ago, a company I worked with wanted to roll out a new set of values and practices for the entire organization. Acceptance was needed and it was needed quickly. But it’s often really tough to alter a company’s internal culture. A.M. Rosenthal, who was the executive editor of The New York Times for more than two decades, once said that changing his huge newsroom’s habits and attitudes was like trying to steer an aircraft carrier with a paddle.

At the company I was working with, a board member told the C.E.O. that he should spend at least 60 percent of his time focused inside of the company; he needed to talk with employees at all levels, listening carefully to them and adapting. The message was clear — “communicate excessively.”

But given the demands on a C.E.O.’s time, spending the majority of his or her days inside the organization can be a very tall order. After all, there are clients to keep happy, as well as investors, regulators and other external audiences to win over. Moreover, in many organizations, internal and external communications do not necessarily work in tandem; they often compete for the chief executive’s time. (more…)