Communications Diagnosis Test: Is Your Business Sick Or Do You (Merely) Have a PR Problem? Take the Time to Find Out

AseatAtTheTableParagraph When confronted with a public relations problem, the question is always, is this a singular event or does it indicate a more systemic issue in the company? While working in-house, I would often have senior managers slip into my office to say, “Leah, we have a PR problem.” The first thing I had to consider was not only the issue at hand, but if there was an underlying problem and, if there was, how could we fix it. Along the way, we would also figure out how to talk about it.

Large businesses are often bound by habit, systems and processes. When a problem arises that could affect a company’s reputation, in addition to considering the different tactics that might be employed to avoid the hit to reputation, it’s vital, I think, to look at the underlying causes. (more…)

“A boat doesn’t go forward if everyone is rowing their own way” — old Swahili proverb

AseatAtTheTableParagraphThe words are from a wonderful Swahili proverb. They apply profoundly to much about the world we live in. And specifically, I think, to a business world where employees must continually be inspired by clear missions and well-articulated strategies, to help create organizational synchronicity and achieve the best possible results.

The proverb sums up what I do every day of my own professional life: find team-building solutions to communications problems — whether the issues are systemic or spur-of-the-moment — so that a company can address them with the knowledge that everyone is rowing the same way.

My job is to find ways of operating that will help communications professionals do their jobs. (more…)